Local to the Okanagan Valley, I am artist who specializes in family, motherhood and portrait photography (I am retiring from client work as of August 2017). I am passionate about capturing life in a way that simplifies our rolls as parents and humans in a fast paced world. To create images that bring you to a halt. 

Now, through the primary medium of black and white film, I strive to capture life in a timeless and classic manner with a strong focus on light, composition and emotion. 

My passion for black and white photography and desire to specialize in it stems from the long days I spent in the darkroom, slaving over my work, testing the limits of my film and creating art from deep within me. I strive to do the same for you. To create pieces for you walls, your coffee table and your eyes that speak of truth and honesty.

I am available to travel within the Okanagan Valley and worldwide.

I believe the best way to connect is to meet each other outside the world wide web. so, let me take you for a coffee, on a hike or treat you and the kids to an ice cream cone.

If you do not live in the Okanagan Valley and getting together in person is not an option, I'd love to speak with you over the phone or via skype or you can email me rebeccasiewertphotography@gmail.com .